Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interview with WW2 RP JG 2 Commander Vickster “Baroness” Kuhn

Among the people in the WW2 RP is Vickster Kuhn, the commander of the German JG 2 flight group, also known as the "Richthofens." As work was being done on an article for the combat sims, she agreed to an interview, to tell her side of what goes on with the combat roleplay, and some of how it came to be.

For the interview, go to People.


  1. I was delighted to be interviewed and I thank you so much for the opportunity! One thing I did want to clarify. The person I referred to as "G" in this article is Guarocuya Giano, Commanding General of SL's Flying Tigers AVG, and owner of WW2 Tribute, a VICE combat Sim in SL.
    Thanks Bix!
    -Vickster Kuhn