Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Linden Labs to Allow Limited Access by 13-15 Year-Old Teens After Merger

On the Linden Lab blog announcement on Tuesday September 28, Terrence Linden announced that with the upcoming closing of the Teen Grid, the educational and non-profit groups and their members there would be able to continue on in the Main Grid. This includes those teens from 13 to 15 years old.

Terrence stated that these teens would not be able to go across most of the Main Grid, but in Second Life be restricted to those areas of their group. Neither Search or the Marketplace will be available to them. “We will implement these controls and transfer these rich and exciting projects from Teen Second Life before the end of this year.”

Reaction in the following comments was somewhat mixed. A majority of the posters seemed to approve of this move. A sizable minority expressed worry, one saying all it would take would be for one peeping tom to pan over to a mature sim and see someone alone in the privacy of his home and naked, and for the parents to catch the kid and file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Linden Lab, or even have the avatar owner arrested, for corrupting a child. A proposal was made for a way to stop this, and put into the JIRA:

No doubt the debate will continue as the merger approaches.

Read the blog entry and comments Here.

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