Thursday, September 23, 2010

Greeters and Guides for Burn2

Time is passing so quickly. The playa is alive with builders working on their wonders. The entertainment planning goes on so that there will be music and fun for all the visitors. Brigit Ranger , the Community Lead for Burn2 has put out a call for Greeters and Guides. She says, “My hope is to find people who are looking for fun, like to meet new people, and who know the meaning of patience and perseverance. “

It is great fun to be a greeter. I have watched as they weave their magic like trapeze artists at the gate to the playa . Their friendliness and help to new arrivals makes for a happy start to your exploration. A volunteer need only dedicate 6-8 hours for that week , October 16 through 25, on the Burn2 playa. You will probably want to spend more time.

You can contact Brigit by sending her a note card or you can e-mail her at . You will receive training to prepare you for the fun.
Gemma Cleanslate

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