Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nine Years Yesterday

The 911 memorial day has dawned again, and it seems like it just happened.

Attending a reading of the names of the first responders who were lost on that day 9 years ago is always poignant. Some of the names become familiar over the years. I went to the reading of names at the 9-11 Memorial 2010 in Unsung Village this morning. Hope McAlpine keeps it all alive every year.

I moved on to the WTC Memorial and Statue in New York, NYC where the reading of names of all those who perished were being read. I heard some of the same names again, recognizing their affiliation, police, fire … all those in the towers, and the planes then the names of those who died in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. And on and on. So many names. It is wonderful to see them remembered in SL as well as RL. Some of the relatives were there and spoke of their lost one. Also, Jasoncool, a relative of injured said “My 2 cousins were firemen that day helping on recovery and cleanup and they are permanently disabled from the health issues.” Respects were offered by the listeners.

My last visit of the day was to Lion’s Gate at Journeys End. How fitting. It was a place of tribute and celebration for all. It seems fitting now. Some years ago I could not celebrate, but as the years pass it is easier. A live concert seems to soothe. Sid Slade was fine for an ending. Now we will pass another year in safety I pray.

Thanks to all the world who understands our remembrance, RL and SL, and our sorrow that does not ease.

Gemma Cleanslate

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