Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rebar Ceremony on The Playa

The Rangers for Burn2, , have finished our training. On Saturday the 25th, the Rebar Ceremony was held. The graduates gathered at the Ranger Headquarters on the Playa in anticipation of crossing the line. The address explained the symbolism of the ceremony.

In RL a long time ago, the first Black Rock Rangers took a step across a line in the desert. Ronan Carver said, “Danger Ranger took a stick, drew a line across the earth, and said ‘On the other side of this line, there exists a world where everything is different.’ Then everybody held hands and stepped across that line. The first settlers of Black Rock City had come to burn a wooden man. In doing so, they created a community.”

Rebar is the common anchor for tents and so the Rangers starting stepping over a length of rebar in 1996. Now the numbers of graduating Rangers are so large that the rebar is used to draw the line and the rebar is laid down at the end of the line at the Burning Man . “The important thing is what the rebar symbolizes. anchor..”, said M2Danger Ranger.

So now we are ready and willing to help the community on the Playa! We have learned the skills to work with the community. Our community is busy building wonderful exhibits for the Burn2 week.(October 16 is the start.) It is exciting to watch it all grow from the soil upward. The Rangers are looking forward to it all!! Hope to see you there.

Gemma Cleanslate

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