Friday, October 1, 2010

M&M Creations Renovated.

The M&M Creations store has recently undergone a major rebuilding. Most of the store has been given a new look, with the different sections are easier to move from one to another.

The center of the sim has the Main Mall area (DoubleMM 133, 30, 70), which is filled with the largest variety of fashion sculpts in-world. The Main Mall contains all Sculpt Packs, Full Permission Builds & Teleport points to the Shops outside the mall with Bargains, Copy/Modify-Items and a humble Texture Shop. The Sculpt Packs have ALL a Temporary Rez, by Touching the boxes, its contents will be rezzed for a minute. No vague pictures on boxes, but a good look in advance and a Right Click to buy.

By flight or the teleport-points in between the Antique Builder Packs and the Sculpt Maps Shop, the outside shops can be reached. The Tutorial Arena is build up at the end of the lanes of aok trees. 10 is giving Private Lessons to all who need those, how to use sculpt maps, use shade textures, fit and wear fashion sculpts and texture sculpties.

If you leave the main mall floor in between the Gazebo and M Fashion, you will find signposts that will direct you to The Bargains Shop (DoubleMM 225, 208, 25), The Texture Shop (DoubleMM 18, 239, 85), A Plateau with only Copy/Modify Builds (DoubleMM 28, 156, 76) and our Arena where classes and tutorials are given & sold.

Around the Main Mall Plateau the side-shops are located. Where can what be found is listed below:

M Fashion - With Full Permissions BIAB outfits & accessories, textures, Tutorials, Customs, Support & Advice

Landscaping & Builds - With complete builds, furniture, landscaping objects / their sculpt maps, lights, fences and much more (C/M/T)

Animals & Cherubs - With sculpted animals with or without Sculpt Maps & shaded Sculpted Cherubs

10's Flowershop - With a huge variety of Sculpted Fantasy Flowers, Plants, Bridal Flowers, Sculpted Fruit. (inspiration is always welcome)

M&M Trees - With Trees, Shrubs, Sculpted Cactuses, Foliage-vendor, Hedges

Antique Builder Packs - With Sculpted Antique Furniture packs (sculpt maps, shade textures, auto-rezzors, manual, complete rez of the antique, Antique Textures: All Full Permissions)

Sculpt Maps - With all Full Permissions No-Fashion Sculpt Maps Packs

Shoes, New releases & Alphabets - With only Full Permissions Sculpt Map Shoe-Packs, New releases of M&M Creations, Sculpted Alphabets & Tutorials

10's Publishing - With all Books they Published in the last 3 years & the Tutorials. Located near the Cash-terminals & newsstands and a gazebo where all books are rezzed to have a sneak-peak!

This week, M&M Creations was the Weekly Featured Guest Artist at Twisted Thorn Textures ( The Twisted Thorn 128, 178, 26) . The glass pyramid at DoubleMM is also there.

The pyramid is build to give you a transparent view of what we present, what we have to offer and as a presentation of who we are as M&M Creations. Two rooms have been build with some of our sculpties. M&M Creations have created Full Permission Sculpt Packs with Shade-textures. Our variety is huge, too big to mention all we do, but most creations we offer are fashion sculpts & antique builder packs. To show our variety & our quality, we decided to compose two rooms, only textured with the fitting shade-textures to let your imagination go wild on these plain looking creations. The pyramid is phantom, so you can reach the rooms by flying (only one side is open to enter the rooms), but this cherub will help you up by offering you a teleport.

This Pyramid is a symbol of what we mean as being transparent and what we stand for; what you see, is what you get with a high quality.

Don't forget to check 10 Goosson's Picks to find out how to order Separate Sculpties! to order only the shapes you need.

Instead of 'only offering shapes to buy', we give out advice, sell Tutorials and give classes/lessons, to help you build with sculpties, Texture them or Fit & Wear the Fashion Sculpts.

A Kiosk to subscribe on the Main Landing Point gives out a New Releases note once a week to keep you up to date.


10 & Marcthur Goosson
M&M Creations

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