Saturday, October 30, 2010

Burn2: More Fire and Fun

You thought that Burning Man 2 was all over. Guess what? Today on October 30th, Saturday, at 12:00 Noon there will be one more burn. It is a Skin Burn. You are invited to bring your avatar in skin only .. Yes skin only, no prims for a last burn .

Burning Man has a strongly clothing optional / decorated nudity culture - and they are bringing that to the virtual playa at Burn2. The Skin Burn is a special, final burn of The Man where all avatars on the playa will be at their lowest possible ARC and script load so the agent limits can be bumped as high as possible.

It's a party where you're invited to be creative with the idea - you can use skins and layers (but no prim attachments) to create a "look" that is funky and fun. What kind of skin? What kind of look? All kinds! Nekkid, painted, burning or clothed. Sexy, comical, radical, colorful, monochromatic, strange, bizarre, disgusting, obnoxious, creative, ugly, beautiful or creepy! Wear a couch texture! Or a flag! Zombie! Playmate! Whatever rocks your boat.

Before entering the playa you will have some help with lowering arc . The rangers and others will be available to help you so come on to this area: Gypsy Falls (68, 37, 406). After the burn stay for one last party !

Gemma Cleanslate

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