Friday, October 29, 2010

More Halloween Haunts

So much has been going on in Second Life, there hasn't been enough time to check out all the Haunted Houses. So, we're providing a list of haunts for you from the Second Life Destinations Guide.

We haven't explored these for ourselves, so enter at your own risk.


"Cautiously climb the stairs to encounter new and unexpected frights on each level of this four-story Haunted House"

Murder at Skull Creek

"The hunt for a vicious murderer is on. Can you help? Your job, detective, will be to hunt for clues, talk to witnesses and solve the murder of Dick Wiesel, owner of WoE."

Horrorfest 2010

"Horrorfest 2010 is a horror-themed charity event showcasing the dark side of SL. Held during the last two weeks of October to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, it features burlesque dancers, DJ events, exclusive items, and freebies."

Jeepers Creepers

"Enter and explore this vast, dark and foreboding underworld where you'll be immersed in an atmosphere that is definitely not for the faint at heart."

Chateau du Fantome

"Historic Provincetown presents the third annual Halloween Adventure at Chateau du Fantome. This once stately mansion has fallen into disrepair and the formerly elegant interior is now ravaged by murderous villains, the bloodthirsty undead, and other nasty traps and surprises."

Halloween at Old Europe Villiage

"Ride the skull Ferris wheel for spooky views of the village and graveyard below, take flight on a giant bat, or enjoy a boat tour on the lazy river beneath haunted Autumn trees."

Silent Scream Haunted House

"Five floors of spookiness and horror await intrepid visitors to the Silent Scream haunted house. Chickens need not apply."


"Spookyville has many haunted areas to explore, including the Dead and Breakfast Inn, Club Le'Casket, a witches' house and a spooky graveyard. For October, you'll find live music events to help you get into the Halloween spirit." - Even the map says "Boo!"

The Haunted Farmhouse

"The haunted farmhouse at Menagerie Isle is a spooky place to visit and experience a thrill-ride through the bowels of the underworld. Tour the frightening scenes throughout the house but beware of the basement!"

Rackingham State Hospital

"The Rackingham State Hospital is an eerie institution haunted by past residents subjected to experimental treatments. Tour the hallowed halls of the patient ward, the hospital cemetary and the playground. Your visit is not complete until you venture down into the sinister cellar. Turn off your music and turn on your sounds. Listen to the cries and demands of the departed."

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