Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ghoulish Delights

Well, after looking at the fun activities going on in sl as reported by Grey and Bixyl, I went to look for some décor at my favorite freebie holiday décor place: Relaxation, The Corner of Revolving time.

Vickijo Rivera, the owner always makes sure there are great free items there in the Geodome. This year Sweetsister Silverstar has placed some wonderful ghosts and ghouls for your taking. I picked up some wonderful trees to put on my roof and some pumpkins and scary textures that are low prim, all free.

Outside in the garden area Saucy Loire put some really cute inexpensive items to decorate the outside of your home or island. There is also a TP spot to take you up in the sky where Sweetsister has some terrific bargain items to round out the decorations. There I bought some arches, and floating ghosts which I have been leaving around various places where I can rezz them.

Don’t miss it the day is approaching fast!

Relaxation (89, 166, 42)

Gemma Cleanslate

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