Monday, October 25, 2010

The Man Burns

All three corners of the sims that touched the sim bearing the Man were full to capacity! Everyone was expectant as the minutes ticked off the clock to the first burn at 12 noon Saturday. Lamplighters danced and played their drums.

At the stroke of 12 the fires started in a circle around the base of the Man. Debbie Trilling did a wonderful job of the burning. They spread slowly up the structure until they touched the legs, then swirled upward until the entire Man was engulfed and began to drop bits and pieces onto the playa.

All were enthralled at the sight. Emotions ran high, as we dashed to pick up the logs that were thrown to the ground and carry them to the fire. There was dancing and merriment. I attended the last burn also and it was just as exciting, since for most of the avatars there it was their first burn and I felt the same emotions.

The temple will burn Sunday and Monday morning. The playa with its magnificent builds will remain until October 30. You can still expect to find some parties and other activities going on at various plots.

Have fun.

Gemma Cleanslate

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