Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burn2: Metropolis Unveiled

On October 13, the Playa of Burn2 opened to the press. We were able to roam the sims and check out the magnificent builds that have grown from the soil of the desert. There are amazing sights and experiences waiting for all the visitors when the Burn2 opens to all on October 16.

Before you enter the gates you really should visit the “What is Burn2” site. Here you will learn about the real-life Burning Man on which the Burn2 in virtual life is based. The greeters will be waiting to meet you at the gates and help you if you need. They will have some gifts for you too.

As you arrive at the Art Department area, you will find a tent full of goodies for you to take with you, gifts from the generous builders. You will pass the Lamplighters Village, so stop there for a free drum or two. The Ranger Station is nearby . Rangers will be throughout the playa to assist with any problems that arise. Look for them in their distinctive hats. They are available for helping visitors too.

This year the theme is Metropolis -Civilization in the desert. So you will see all sorts of magnificence, and also simple builds . You can’t miss the Reno build from a distance. There are fewer sims this year, so you may be able to take in all the exhibits. Last year though, I was there every day in my ranger role. I know I missed some. Many are interactive, so get in there and try out everything. There will be many activities .. Stages with shows and dancing and DJs. Make sure you check out the porta-potties that have been decorated for your comfort and are all around the sims. Open the doors and poke your head in and admire the artistic fun.

The playa opens to you on the 16th of October at 12:00 Noon SL time:

Gemma Cleanslate

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