Friday, October 1, 2010

Newspaper Party Tomorrow

Second Life Newser will be having a party tomorrow on Saturday October 2. We'll be having a "goodbye to the summer" theme, as well as celebrating the four month anniversary of our newspaper.

We've been busy as ever, covering Emeraldgate, the Teen Grid merger, and other stories big and small across Second Life. And now, time to have a little fun with a party, and we want you the readers to join us. We'll be having, music, dancing, and more. A good time will be sure to be had by all.

The party is set to start at 12 Noon SL time tomorrow. It will be at a Covadonga Writer's island. Covadonga is a friend of ours from Second Life Newspaper.

Please IM Bixyl Shuftan for a teleport over.

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