Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fear Lurks Redzone Menace

The product "RedZone" advertises itself as being able to detect users of the illegal "Copybot" program, and not only ban them from the owners sim, but every alt in their account as well as putting the names on a blacklist shared with all other RedZone users. First criticized a few months ago, recently more and more are calling for something to be done about this invasive mechanism. Any1 Gynoid offers her own view of the issue, describing it as only she can.

Read Any1's colorful commentary on RedZone in Design.


  1. It doesn't work. It can be shown imperically and experimentally without any doubt that RedZone does not work. Anybody thinking that an IP address is the same as an individual needs to be pummeled repeatedly with an organically grown carrot and then taught what "Dynamic Addressing" means.

    All these business folk running Redzone are doing is keeping honest people like me from reaching their stores because someone somewhere decided I must be a pirate alt because... because RedZone says so. Meanwhile, the real copy thieves are simply standing a meter off the parcel and camming into the store, and copying everything they want, Redzone or no Redzone...

  2. Redzone is one of the biggest scams to hit SL in a long time. Since I have a different IP address every time I reboot my modem, this measure would be useless against me. The creator of Redzone, zFire Xue should be banned from SL, and all his devices deleted from the grid.

  3. Daniella LoomingMarch 2, 2011 at 4:35 AM

    yup for the real " copy thieves " if they want it they find a way to get it clone it make it redzone or not - taking somones IP address without consent practicly ammounts to thieft of identity so who's the real crooks the copiers who always get caught out and banned anyway or the people stealing ur RL identies by hacking ur IP Address