Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Perri's Xanadu Returns as Green Meadowlands Ballroom

From May 2009 to February 2010, Perri Prinz and RECoyote Mindes owned and ran a club in the style of one from a movie in the 1970’s: Club Xanadu. It was in Perri’s words, “a classic rock club for people who enjoy both popular and obscure rock music from the 70's and 80's.” Built on a wide platform in the sky high above the ground, it was based on the real-life Pan Pacific auditorium of Los Angeles. The bulk of it’s regulars from the Sunweaver Estates, it wasn’t quite as popular as Cutlass. But it’s closing in Feb 2010 left many saddened, feeling the club was one of a kind.

On Tuesday March 8, the club was reopened, but under a new name: The Green Meadowlands Ballroom. It held it’s Grand Opening party late in the afternoon, “The Green Meadow Lands Ballroom is a retro themed dance club and lounge, geared towards those who like various types of older music, mainly 70's & 80's and older. We play the usual oldies interspersed with unusual tracks that you may not have heard before. We play Disco, Classic Rock, New Wave, Progressive Rock, Jazz, Novelties, or whatever the mood seems to call for at the moment. It's a groovy hang out where you can dance, socialize, or just sit and listen to the music. Everyone is welcome.”

There were a few changes from the old Xanadu. The most obvious was the name change, the sign outside replaced. I didn’t see a dispenser for roller skates. That was all that was missing. The rock music posters were replaced by different ones, but nothing that subtracted from the atmosphere of the club. And some things were the same, such as the colorful dance floor, and the DJ stand with the vinyl records.

A small number of people dropped by for the opening party. A 500 Linden prize went to one lucky winner.

The name “Green Meadowlands Ballroom” comes from Perri’s Spectral Shadows stories posted online.

Bixyl Shuftan

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