Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Do You Want to See Here?

Second Life Newser has the stated goal of covering a variety of topics from across the Grid. So far, we've kept it up and published daily. But there is quite a bit to write about.

So what do you the readers think we need more of? Did you want more locations? More fashion? Religious themes? More games and roleplay? Adult topics (written about in a manner safe for a family newspaper)? More on Redzone and other mischief? Newbie help? More interviews? More humor?

What do we need to show?


  1. SPORTS, like wrestling. Did you know that Sam Nightfire of 'Virtual Tonight' has also joined the uWs as one of their commentators for both their 'Confidential' and 'Affliction' shows. Although she still produces and host Virtual Tonight, which has a new show on 3-20-2011 8pm slt [http://slurl.com/secondlife/Virtual%20World%20Network], she enjoys the uWs.

  2. Join us and be a part of the excitement of uWs Wrestling "Affliction", action in the ring, Tuesday 4pm slt http://slurl.com/secondlife/Virtual%20World%20Network

  3. Heh, okay Sam, I'll try to drop by then.

    At work, someone seemed to be asking if there were any roleplays in Second Life. Specifically, post-apocolypse. Maybe I can find one or more of those too.

  4. hey Bixyl, this coming Sunday at 8pm slt. Tombstone will be featured on Virtual Tonight