Friday, March 18, 2011

"Go For Japan "

Well , this is such very sad news, horrific beyond belief . . one of the 5 worst impact earthquakes in recorded history - the damage yet to be assessed, but we know the numbers are to be staggering. It is incumbent upon us to recognize the plight of our fellow man, and i call upon myself and you to help as we can to provide relief. To that end , we are now organizing SAT March 19 as Japan Catastorphic Relief Benefit Day and asking for your support .. a 24 hour marathon - 30 min gigs . L$ to Red Cross


An emergency fundraising effort for the victims of the crisis in the Pacific that hit on the 10th/11th of march is being set up.

SL is an international community, with a strong base in Japan specifically. This disaster is worldwide and affects us all, as a community SL has risen up time and time again to help out in times of distress, including very recently.

In September 2010 11,000 us dollars was raised for the Pakistan flood crisis relief fund (UNICEF) at an SL event. An event organised in four days. This is an example of what our community can do, and we are attempting to prepare for a similar, simple but effective, event.
We are calling for anyone who wishes to help with this fundraiser. We will be providing vendors that donate 100% of sales to a charity account (Charity Shelter) for people to place in their stores and at an event location ?. The products in these vendors don't have to be new, but the more new and exclusive items available the more money we will raise, so even a variation of an existing product is appreciated.

We welcome any and all participation and interest in this event - if you'd like to participate as a designer please go to -

We require all brands involved to have one product sold at 100% to the charity, however if more than one item is available the others can be at 100% or 50%.

Please note that 100% of all money raised will go to the charity Americares ( Land was donated by Glam Affair and all volunteers are giving their time without charge.

We now have an awesome group of performers lined up for our 24+ hours of event "GO FOR JAPAN"

We have a presence with Face Book , Ustream, Linden Labs, CNN RL , and within our SL communuty . Bravo for stepping up to the plate as we collaborate for Pacfiic Relief .. we collected almost $2000 USD even now ..
As we know the Japanese government has humbly said "please don't send funds directly." They are accepting Red Cross and Unicef interventions (Americares) at this time with their direct send goods.

The Location: Zeide Kamp, Zeide Kamp (238, 241, 21)

The time: from Saturday March 19, 6AM SL time, to Sunday March 20, 10 PM

The Line-Up: many musicians from Lyn Carlberg, FunkyFreddy Republic, Max Kleene, Zorch Boomhauer and Lexie Luan, Edward Kyomoon, and more.

The Organisation: USA Catastrophic Planning and Management Institute in SL as Confederated Respoonse Force and M.U.S.I.C. EVENTS is working with Pacific Relief Fund (PROCEEDS TO USA NATIONAL RED CROSS AND AMERICORE Disaster Relief Fund distributed by UNICEF to Japan)

The Team:
Joy Teskat and Patrick Thorkveld
together with many helpers !


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