Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Never Give Up Japan

A project to show support for our friends in Japan has been created by SL residents Clubkenjin Loon and Nekonuko Nakamori. “Never Give Up Japan” is at JAPAN DREAM KENJIN MALANDI , MALANDI (101, 119, 146).

Loon and Nakamori are making a Wall of images to show support and give hope to the people of Japan after the devasting earthquake of March 11. The images are being created by other Second Life residents and posted on the open squares. When the card is filled, Clubkenjin Loon (director of "Girls in the Sky") will make it into a movie and present it to the Japanese people to show our concern.

Images can be contributed by using the LM above. Fly close to an open space, click on the center and drag an image to it. There is also a kiosk on the LM site where Linden Bears for Japan can be purchased.

Grey Lupindo

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