Monday, March 28, 2011

Questions About Linden Lab’s “Local Payment” System

Checking Tateru Nino’s “Dwell on It” blog, one of the Second Life blogs I peek at on occasion, I found a little bad news. It seems some sims owned by Europeans are at risk of vanishing. The problem, Linden Lab’s new “Local Payment” system. According to her post on the matter, the system is buggy, a number of people with premium accounts not able to make their payments. And when landowners ask that their sims not be taken down, the answer they get is, “I cannot assure you of this at this time.”

Tateru’s post got a number of replies, some saying they too have been having trouble with the “local payment” system. Checking the Linden Blog, there was an official post that the system had problems, but assured they were fixed. That wasn’t the opinion of at least one person in the forums.

As Tateru put it, it’s near the end of the month, and not a good time for silence from the Lab.

This news comes at a time in which some Second Life friends of mine have been “testing the waters” in alternative virtual worlds such as AVN and Inworldz. If anyone ends up losing sims because of bugs in the new system, some may just resettle in one of these worlds.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Yep! And every single person they drive out will never, ever consider coming back and paying LL again. In LL's case the bird in the hand is worth TEN in the bush.

  2. I confirm the problems still persist as per LindenLab support message from last night. It seems to be much more serious, than admitted in public.