Friday, March 11, 2011

Reader Submitted: Virtual Panhandlers

I believe we're starting to see a growing problem with panhandlers, possibly professional ones, probably from outside the US, hitting people up for their cash on SL. Here's some chat logs of one that I encountered today. The first is a piece of chat log from the Azure Club and Gallery group.

[2011/03/04 13:20] Janedoe3 Resident: Hi everyone, could anyone lend me 100L? I pay back tomorrow.
[2011/03/04 13:20] LadyDi Andel: no soliciting for money here

I paid her L$100, just a second before LadyDi warned against soliciting for money in this group. After the warning from LadiDi, Janedoe I.M.ed me personally, "can you lend me 700L more? ... I'll pay you back, please. I beg."

(Me): That's bait & switch. I had no problem with L$100.

Janedoe, "Please, i beg, i promise pay back, i beg ..."

The panhandler was a new account, born March 1. I suspect it to be started just for the purpose of panhandling. The L$2,300 she was trying to raise for the "AO of her dreams" is the equivalent of $9.46 US.

This is not the first time I've run up against attempts at panhandling. Another too ran up his request after I initially took the bait of giving him a small donation.

Skye Vanistok

Article edited for publishing

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