Friday, January 18, 2013

A Look at the Cloud

There's been a little talk about a relatively new virtual world called "Cloud Party." It appeared this summer, though required a Facebook account to connect to. Recently, the Facebook requirement was dropped, so those who want nothing to do with the popular but not always trusted social webservice can now log on with just a password and email account.

Singing up for an account and logging in, there were a few options in customizing one's avatar. There was also the option of moving either via control keys or clicking on a spot on the ground to get there. The land is not divided into sims, but is made up of floating islands. Among them, there's one named "IBM," which was used as a kind of sandbox for various items, including the cannons in the second pictures.

Free houses are available for those currently signing up for accounts. The one I got was on an island resembling a suburban area. Exploring around a little there were some examples of creativity, though those whom suggest it could give Second Life a serious run for it's money are mistaken in my opinion, at least for the near future. While Cloud Party holds promise, for now it doesn't look like it will be real competition for Linden Lab for a while.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. i agree it can't be called a true competition for LL. these 2 worlds can't really be compaired too, CloudParty has chosen to approach a virtual meetingplace with the posibility to be creative from a totally different (technical) angle. i call it very refreshing and most people i've met in there are not the SL-residents being stuck in the biggest virtual world and leaving for that same reason. But true, a lot has still to be done, CloudParty is still in Beta and the most heard comment is; do 'we' really need another virtual world?