Saturday, January 5, 2013

Changes at Castaway Cove

It's been almost a year since Castaway Cove first made the scene at the Kalmeere sim. With it's unique look, a beach club between two halves of a wrecked pirate ship, it certainly stands out among social spots in Second Life. For the past several months, the club has had regular activities under the direction of Skylark Lefarve, with Kitacelia recently taking on the job of hostess.

Kitacelia wanted to make the club more than just a great place to party, but also emphasize it being a cool place to just hang out and have fun. The club now sports a bar where one can get drinks. There's also a number of games there, a blackjack table has been installed. So has a pool table, where one can play games of billiards. There's ping pong. There's a dart board. There's bowling. There's a couple arcade games, including Tetris. There's a mechanical bull which keeps track of the lowest time. And there's the mud wrestling ring, which has proven to be a favorite attraction among a number of the regulars. And the Clue and Greedy-Greedy games which were already there are still here, along with the boats and jet skis.

Kitacelia made a group announcement recently that the club's DJs would be taking on a regular schedule most weeks. On Tuesdays at 8PM SL time, DJ Perri would play the music. On Thursdays at 8PM, DJ Kryxia would spin the tunes. And every Saturday at 8PM, the two would alternate.

Castaway Cove is at Kalmeere Paradise (18, 184, 21)

Bixyl Shuftan

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