Saturday, November 22, 2014

SL Video: "Farewell, Campus Hamburg in SL"

(Click here if the video doesn't play)

From Ole Etzel, "Saying good night to Campus Hamburg in SL. I will miss you my friend... but promise to always keep the good times in mind. May we meet again in a better future (with better bandwith and other fancy stuffs! Of course, ARR!!"

Among the comments, "Ole, thank you so much for this wonderful film, a true piece of art, right from the heart (don’t tell me a skeleton doesn’t have a heart, you do …). I was hesitant to take this step and take down the Campus Hamburg 3D simulator in Second Life for more than three years (and something like 10,000 US$ paid for the server), long after the intense and interactive days of 2007–2011. Ole, you know how painful it was to finally let go ... I’ll publish about our analysis of the development in Virtual World technology soon. At present, I'm gathering a list to say 'Thank you' to all those who followed us to the virtual edges of known reality, went beyond their traditional environments (and media) for learning and teaching — and to all who’ve helped to make the mind-blowing experience in this creative sandbox of an immersive, 3D Internet come true."

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