Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Second Life Veterans Tribute

Second Life Newser was notified by one of the staff of the Second Life Veterans Tribute that they were building their yearly exhibition and event on Veterans Day. This year, it will be in the Kajam sim.

"The SLVT tribute was up and running agian this year," Wildroses Pevensey told the Newser, "(We) still have a few more memorials coming in, one from Canada, one from the Falkland Islands, and another Canadian .. but it is up mostly."

"Things like this are so important ... a connection to our past and present and remembering where we came from and what we do ... a place to reflect."

Wildroses expressed her apologies for appearing less than organized, "I always get so wishy washy. I just want people to come see the names, and the men and women that serve, and have served. That is my main goal for everyone to realize how lucky we are, to live as we do, and all that good stuff." She smiled, "We take for granted things others would die for, and have died for."

The Veterans Tribute is located at Kajam (218/37/35). The most prominent feature is the memorial wall, of which one can have the name of a veteran added by following the instructions there.

Bixyl Shuftan

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