Wednesday, November 9, 2022

EchoVets in Second Life Destinations


 In September, the Newser wrote about EchoVets, a sim and group in Second Life founded by a real-life veterans center staff member, Stacy Maracas, where veterans could seek help for various problems or just meet up and talk. Yesterday, Tuesday November 8, Linden Lab featured it in it's Second Life Destinations.

“Echo Group, a Real Life 5013C, Band of Brothers is dedicated to our veteran community. We currently have our main group in California on the Central Coast and chapters in Arizona, Tennessee, and the Metaverse.

We are working closely on initiatives that directly affect the veteran community, such as the Veteran Homeless Crisis as well as the 22 a day initiative. 

On our sim, we have kiosks providing up-to-date Veteran’s Affairs system information for veterans and family members. We have live classes on Veteran Suicide Awareness Training, PTSD Awareness Training, group camaraderie sessions, and club events at our Club Echo.

Numerous garden areas and places to just be and relax, we even have a farm tucked in the corner. And of course our famous aquarium.

We are getting our sim ready to become a Gateway in Second Life. Our Veterans will be available via scheduling to aid new Residents, and it will help the veteran earn their red, white, and blue jersey.” 

Draxtor Despres would do a video of the location, talking to Stacy about it and what goes on there. 

Among the leadership team is Suta Northman, who the Newser interviewed earlier this year about the Vietnam Wall.

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