Thursday, November 3, 2022

EOTB: Premium Plus Residents Can Now Buy Homestead Sims Without a Full Sim

On the official Second Life blog on Tuesday November 1, Linden Lab announced another perk for Premium Plus accounts. They could now buy a Homestead sim.

As featured in the October 21 edition of Lab Gab - we’re excited to announce a new Premium Plus benefit available beginning today, November 1, 2022.  Premium Plus members are now eligible to purchase up to one Homestead on their account, without the requirement of a full private island region.  

As mentioned, the details were first made available at the Lab Gab on October 21. Previously, only those who had a full sim could buy a homestead. Unlike a Linden Home, Premium Plus residents cannot just request a homestead. They're simply eligible to have the option to purchase and pay tier for one. Nor can they get more than one.The setup fee is $149 US dollars, and a monthly tier of $109. The latter would be in addition to the cost of a Premium Plus account, which is $29.99 US dollars a month.

Homestead sims are lower capacity than full-sized ones. Their prim capacity is 5000, and are intended to hold no more than 20 avatars. In contrast, a full sim has a capacity of 20,000 and in theory can hold 100 avatars. Their suggested use is "quiet residential" or "light commercial" use, or "low density rentals. 

Premium Plus members without full sims are still not eligible to get a smaller capacity Openspace sim (not to be confused with Opensim). 

For more information, read the blog post (here).

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