Friday, November 4, 2022

Announcement: Thank You From The Sci-Fi Con

 On Monday October 31, the people behind the Sci-Fi Con issued "A Massive Thank You" for it's supporters. They had raised a total of 2,411,149 Linden dollars (US$9,644.60), a new record.

Thank you for yet another marvelous and historic year! The 2022 SciFi Expo broke its fundraising record for a THIRD consecutive year in a row, raising L$2,411,149 (US$9,644.60) to fight back against Breast Cancer. All funds raised during the 2022 SciFi Expo support the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer program whose goal is to save lives and end Breast Cancer as we know it.

The generosity of the our entire community is beyond heartwarming, and we are incredibly thankful to be part of it, so thank you for helping contribute to such a worthy cause. And to thank you to everyone who donated, whether you came and made a purchase from a creator, through participating in one of the many events or performances, however you donated we are so appreciative of the support you have shown to this special cause time and time again.

They also thanked "this year’s Event Sponsors, Exhibitors, Events and Performers, Blogger team, and to all of this year’s visitors and attendees. This event simply would not be possible without the support of all of you. So once again, thank you!"

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