Wednesday, November 23, 2022

New Bellisseria Town Hall: Chippewa Junction

Bellisseria has a new town hall. This one is different in that it wasn't built in a new area, but an established one, right in the middle of the "boot" of Old Bellissaria. This is the Chippewa Junction Town Hall. Patch Linden would announce it in a blog post about an update to traditional Linden Homes.

We are ALSO debuting a revamped Chippewa Junction as our Traditional themed Community Region. Located on the main hub of the Bellisseria Railroad, Chippewa Junction Town Hall features reservable spaces for conferences, meetings, garden parties and even weddings! 
And yes you can reserve a time for a wedding here. One has to fill out this Google Doc: (link). There is no charge to use the venue, but there can only be one reservation per day. 
Gemma Cleanslate checked in on some of the Bellisseria group chatter. Patch Linden stated, "It was a different type of challenge to retrofit this into an existing region instead of having a blank slate." A group notice by KrystalKandy would state, "Lots of hidden gems surrounding the area if you explore a little. The Town Hall has a library. A reception and wedding space. What seems to be a meeting room and or courtroom. And several other areas that are worth peeking at. ... Really well done! Big 'appaws' to the Moles! "
Taking a short look around myself, some of these gems were more obvious than others.  Next to the Town Hall sign, I saw a smaller one, "Speed Limit: 88 miles per hour." Considering the town hall's clock tower, I was thinking maybe I should get a DeLorean to drive around town.
 Bixyl Shuftan

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