Saturday, November 12, 2022

Sunweaver Jenn Chant Has Died

 Yesterday the Sunweaver/Angel community received some sad news. One of it's members, Jenn Chant, had passed away.

The community has lost another soul today.  

Jenn Chant has passed away at 4:30 pm  p.s.t. due to heart failure brought on by severe lactic acidosis.

Rest in peace.

Earlier in the day, it was reported in Discord she had been admitted to an ICU with brain and organ damage. 

Jenn was a member of both the Sunweaver community and the Nydia's Angels group. She was also in the Passionate Redheads, Builders Brewery, and the New Bastogne WW2 combat RP. In person (virtually), she was known for her feline avatar which always had animated hearts radiating from it. She had been absent from Second Life since May 2020, but continued to post onto Facebook until November 4.

"We will miss you Kitten."

Rest in Peace

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