Wednesday, November 2, 2022

EOTB: Applications Open For Christmas "Shop And Hop," Close After Monday

There's a joke in America that while the Christmas season has traditionally started on the day after Thanksgiving, stores can't wait to start having Christmas sales as soon as the last Halloween trick or treater goes home, or even sooner. While this may or may not be the case in Second Life, just as the Halloween season was coming to an end, on Monday October 31, Linden Lab announced that it was now accepting applications for the "Holiday Shop and Hop." But, the time to apply is brief.

Change is in the air...can you feel it? Halloween is almost over and Winter is fast approaching! We are gearing up to celebrate the holiday season with our annual Holiday Shop & Hop, which will be held from December 8th, 2022 through January 2nd, 2023.

Applications are now open for Creators who might want to participate in this year’s event, which will feature multiple shopping regions and tons of festive fun!
Merchants interested are asked to fill out a Google Docs form (link). Those wanting to take part have to discount their items at least twenty percent, and need to have at least one free gift available to anyone, regardless of if they're in the store group or not. Items for sale must be moderate-rated (no Adult-rated goods), and they "should not contain or reference political issues or figures." Also, there is a limited amount of shops available, so applying does not always mean getting a spot.
As listed, the "Shop and Hop" goes from Thursday December 8 to Monday January 2, 2023. Not so clearly mentioned was that applications are only being accepted up to Monday November 8. 

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