Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Talia Painting Exhibit Grand Opening

Yesterday at November 28 at 6PM SL time, there was a grand opening event for the Talia Painting Exhibit at Netera's Coffee Shop and Enchanted Mermaid Gallery. The event featured live musician Austin Moores. Though when I got there, it was Helena Navarita doing the singing.

Artist Talia Sinsong would say of her works via the notecard announcing the event, "'Fire and Water' is about that brilliant sea of color in the sky and water at the moment of sunrise or sunset. I also included another fire in the sky, a painting with the flash of lightning as a ship weathers a storm.

I am passionate about creating a mood or telling a story in my creations, including painting, drawing, writing, 3D computer models or immersive virtual worlds. I have also worked in filmmaking and was a crew member for two Sundance Film Festival picks. I hope my artwork uplifts you and brings a smile to your face."

The exhibit was stated to last until to December 23.
Bixyl Shuftan
Correction: Originally I wrote it was Talia doing the singing, as she was on stage. Sorry about the error.

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