Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Furry Fashion Staff Member Needs Help With Vet Care

A member of the staff at Furry Fashion has a problem. This would be Albright Smol-Bite (Bully Doge), who is a builder and the head of the security staff. Her pet is sick, and she doesn't have quite enough money to spare for vet bills.

One of our FF Creators has a realllllllllly sick kitty which she needs funds for to get him better! She's got commissions open or just a small donation would really help! If you can't spare a dollar, spare a hollar and share her link!

On his Ko-Fi page, Albright had this to say.
Just a struggling possum artist living day to day down near Memphis. I'm mostly a cartoonist, sticking to a sketchy, rough style. I also do texture work for 3D mesh in Second Life. I offer customs and commissions for both. I rely on this as my only income, so if you enjoy my creations, please consider supporting me! 
Albright has a DeviantArt page, with a number of drawings. As stated before, she does take commissions, with more detailed work available for more of a fee.

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