Friday, November 18, 2022

New Account Payment Level: Plus Accounts, Euro Residents No Longer Pay VAT Tax


Yesterday in the official Second Life blog, there were two noteable announcements. Linden Lab stated it was introducing a fourth level for accounts, one between basic and Premium: Plus accounts. 

Continuing the theme of giving you more for less: We’re reducing the price of owning your piece of Second Life. We want to put Mainland ownership within reach of many more residents, because we think having land of your own is one of the key parts of Second Life.

This means there are now four account levels, Basic/free, Plus, Premium, and Premium Plus.

What Plus essentially does is allow you to get land in Second Life for a lower price. However, it appears Plus members are limited to owning mainland outside the Linden Home areas. They also get a weekly stipend of 150 Linden dollars, can have up to 512 square meters of mainland without making payments, and can join up to 50 groups (8 more than basic). This for the price of $5.99 USD , or $65.99 per year, (before taxes). This is about half the price of Premium accounts at $11.99 USD a month, or $99.99 a year (before taxes), which give you twice the stipend and free mainland allowance, a larger group capacity, a 1000L signup bonus, a Linden Home, the ability to buy private sims, and more. 

They were also lowering the price of mainland area.

In addition to the free allotment that comes with each membership level, we’re lowering the price at 1/8 region (8,192 m2) and higher by over 10%
And there is some good news for European residents. For several years, they have had to pay Vaule Added Tax, or VAT, on payments for Premium memberships. As of now, they no longer need to do so

The issue soon came up in the official forums. On the whole, people were happy with this move, though there were some questions.

To see the forum post in full, Click Here.

Bixyl Shuftan

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