Monday, November 28, 2022

It Came From Bellisseria Chat: Patch Getting Pestered

While listening in on Bellisseria chat, I noticed a certain bit of conversation.
 [12:51] Dreamer Pixelmaid: Patch (Linden) shopping, and Riot (Hax) and somebody else pestering him
[12:51] Riot Hax: I was shopping
[12:52] Riot Hax: Dreamer was spinning on his head
[12:52] Dreamer Pixelmaid: That wasn't me. I'm a good girl
Seems poor Patch can't go shopping without getting hellicoptered.

1 comment:

  1. Tsss, no respect ...
    I remember once after he was read near X-Mas the ... I think, it was called "Candlelight celebration" or somewhat like that - not an event, we celebrate here, but ...

    After the main event, where he was reading some story, he (and surely others) was there for chatting and so.
    I was to shy to talk to him, even he seems to be easy and funny. Maybe a lot was in voice, but I wasn't sure, voice was activated there.