Saturday, July 24, 2010

Former T Linden Hired by Vacation Home Rental Business

Among the Lindens let go during the “Restructuring” last month at Linden Lab was T-Linden. Thomas Hale in real life, he was the Lab’s Chief Product Officer, or CPO, most known for the development of the unpopular Viewer 2. He has recently found himself another Job

On July 14th, the vacation home rental company HomeAway announced they were hiring Hale as their new CPO, “a newly created position at the company.” Of him and their other hire, Brent Bellm of Paypal, “HomeAway is fortunate to be able to attract these two talented and seasoned professionals to our business.”

It listed his experience with several companies, Second Life included, as qualifications, one company he worked for being a “capital investor” in HomeAway. They also noted that he was, “an avid traveler and vacation rental owner himself.”

HomeAway also operates, “the most comprehensive global site for finding bed-and-breakfast properties.“

Sources: TechCrunch, PRNewswire, HomeAway

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Good info to know. Tom Hale treated Second Life Residents as peasants, and more than likely he will treat customers in his new venture the same. I'll be sure not to give any business to this organization.

  2. So far, no jokes about "Bed and Brekfast" 2.0

  3. Bed 2.0 will be composed of a bag stuffed with used straw. Breakfast 2.0 will be whatever was left over from Dinner 1.0...

    I wonder if he'll become known as the Homeaway Frog?

    -Shockwave, who can't enter through his LJ anymore for some reason...