Friday, July 23, 2010

For Art’Sake

The dedication of a whole sim to Art for Arts promotion in Second Life has always intrigued me. Nathaniel Somerset and Stacy Braveheart have created a setting at The Village International for a marvelous collection of artists in place. The Village has been open since May of this year.

Nathaniel Somerset is an American digital artist and photographer. In real-life, he is a photographer. In virtual worlds, he concentrates on ”finding unusual creations or settings and capturing them in unexpected ways, creating images that are striking and capturing the feel of a virtual reality.” The artists exhibiting in the sim will be showing and refreshing their exhibits for the long term. In the sim there is also the "mhMm YeSss" Club, which features well known DJ’s and live performances on Fridays and Sundays at present. 7Seas fishing is available and contests are also held weekly or more often. But the art is the main attraction and the inspiration for the sim.

Nathaniel’s vision came from his desire to provide a place to show his own art. ”I was working on expanding my own gallery for my photographs and invited some others to display their work. I also was visiting galleries and realized there are few sims dedicated to art.” I asked Nathaniel how he was able to get so many artists in one place. He answered, “ Well I had seen many of their works exploring galleries. So I started inviting them to show their work, and some referred me to some of the people they admired too.”

One of the best features is that most of the artists include information about their art available in a notecard as you enter their area. As you wander through the displays you will be amazed at the variety of styles you will encounter. There is something for everyone’s taste. If you are looking for an addition to your own collection you will certainly find it there.

In keeping with the theme of artistic enhancement, the couple are planning a Jewelry show with many jewelry designers displaying their work in the sim from July 25 through July 31. Stacy has been working hard to attract jewelers who will be in keeping with the artistic theme of the sim. The jewelers who will be represented are Narita Rayna of Ticky Tacky, Lake Swords of Bodywear Jewelry, Ninja Petion of Digital Dragon, Tjake Kearny of Jewelry by Jake, Carrie Granti of CGUK and NIRVANA, Mericatherine Quinnell of Exquisite Jewellery, P4style Freenote of Milady’s and Tommy Angon of Culture Fine Jewelry. A wonderful collection of jewelry designers.

Of her work in the sim she says, “I actually enjoy working with Nate to make his vision come true. ... He has been my love for over a year and we compliment each others talents so well. He is my muse when I build. I'm his with his art.” During that jewelry week there will be live singers and other events. When you visit the sim be sure to set a landmark because the artists will be changing and adding to their exhibits often. Nathaniel and Stacy are always planning for additions and changes that will enhance the sim and add to the enjoyment of the visitors.

You can keep up with the events and activities going on there by visiting their website: The entrance to the sim can be found here, at The Village International sim at (163, 115, 26).

Gemma Cleanslate

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