Thursday, July 1, 2010

Burning Life 2010 is Comming

When I received an invitation to visit the Burning Life at the SL7B, it struck me how close it is! The Burning Life 2010 is coming!

This year's theme is "Metropolis - Civilization in the Desert." If you like the builds in SL7B I know you will like the builds in the desert. The festivities will be held from October 16 through October 24 when the temple burns. The Man himself will burn on October 23. August 16 will be the date for volunteers to apply. There are so many opportunities for volunteers: rangers, greeters, lamplighters , dancers, DJ’s and stage managers and many more. It is a very busy week and so much help is needed.

That day seems a long way off, but it will arrive before we know it. There are training sessions for all who apply for various positions. On September 5, theme camp proposals can be submitted. September 13 through the 19 the exciting land rush takes place. I hope to be a Ranger again this year for the 3rd year. It is wonderful way to participate in the daily operations, assisting people with their concerns and helping visitors.

If you are interested in the preparations and information you can stop at this site on your travels through the sims of SL7B. You can also sign up for Burning Life Information Group there.

Gemma Cleanslate


  1. Your article is wrong and that may have cost me a theme camp. Applications were being accepted from mid august, the deadline was September 5th. So if anyone believed this misinformation they got screwed like I did. Thanks so much for checking your facts.

  2. Life's hard, then you die.

  3. Funny you're bitching about not checking their facts, when you did the same thing. Who's the sucker here?