Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Second Life Ad With Bite?

Remember earlier this year when Linden Lab decided to take advantage of the popularity surrounding the hit movie "Avatar" by placing ads featuring blue humanoids with the caption, "Free Avatar" around the Internet? The ads did have the effect of raising numbers a little.

With this in mind, Linden Labs may be hoping the film being released about now, "Eclipse," which is the third "Twilight" movie around the romance between a young girl and a vampire, has enough attention pull to do similar. I found this Second Life "Be a Vampire" ad while on SL Profiles. The timing between this and the movie is certainly interesting to say the least.

It's also interesting that Linden Labs is trying to attract vampire fans to Second Life. A few years ago, the vamps in the Metaverse had a tainted reputation due to the behavior of some of those misusing the "Bloodlines" system to bite unwary residents, including newcomers. But with places enforcing "no Bloodlines" rules, as well as the vampires themselves discouraging this "leech" behavior, it became less and less of a problem. So perhaps this ad is a sign of their image rehabilitated.

Considering the "Twilight" series has been aimed at young teenage girls, though, will the Lindens have to deal with an influx of underage residents if their ad campaign succeeds?

Source: Second Life Newspaper

Bixyl Shuftan

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