Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book Island Writing Workshops, Summer 2010

Sun block is expected in the summertime, writer’s block isn’t so welcome. Join author Diana Allandale (Diana Hunter in RL) for a series of writing workshops throughout the month of July designed to get your Muse out of the sun and back to work.

NOTE: All workshops are held at the Beach Area of Book Island (why should our Muses be the only ones getting a tan?) at 2:30 pm SLT.

You'll be writing and sharing at each workshop, although no formal critique will be given. This is really an opportunity to get some new ideas, play with some ideas and just have fun writing!

July 6th -- Developing strong characters

July 13th -- Doing more than just seeing the scene

July 20th -- Writing like we speak -- or -- Authenticity in dialogue -- or -- Say what?

July 27th -- Playing with characters

The above dates are scheduled but if something unforeseen should arise, a note will go out to both Diana’s Passionate Books group and to the Book Island events and discussion group, so be sure you're a member of one or both of those!

Who is Diana Hunter? She’s the author of twelve erotic romances and has been an active member of Second Life since October, 2006. You can learn more about Diana by visiting her website ( - warning not work safe) or her blog at

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