Monday, June 28, 2010

SL7B Cake

Nothing says “Party” like a decorated cake, and SL7B’s Cake has some great ones. If you start here, at SL7B Phenomenal (17/241/22), you’ll arrive in front of a huge birthday cake. This exhibit is one of the most colorful spots in SL7B. Streamers, balloons, flowers, and of course the cakes show that there is a Party going on.

Vivianne O’Flynne and her crew have cooked up some tasty treats for you, so come hungry. There is something for every taste bud in SL here. Trust me. I have eaten my way through these exhibits a couple of times.

When you arrive you can go straight for the big cake or pick up some nibblies first. Check out the Ice Cream Parlour for slices of cake and other tasty treats. If you have time to sit, there’s an old fashioned soda counter or a few tables for two. An animated Philip Linden serves up the goodies.

After your ice cream, be sure to visit the Seven Continents Petting Zoo. Peacocks walk around freely, but watch out—one of them chased me. The chickens and bunnies are tamer and both are penned. There is also a large pen of lambs to pet.

In a nearby corral, the horses are very friendly. They are the most realistic horses I have seen and heard in SL. You can almost smell them!

As you might expect, the food choices on Cake are sweet. If you’re hot, cool down with an icy cone. Vivianne’s Sno Cone cart has them in three flavors: cherry, strawberry or grape. Another booth offers slices of pie served up by another animated Philip Linden. I can vouch for the pecan. It was great.

For the health conscious av, there are more than just sweets here. I found shrimp appetizers and some veggies. If that is too healthy, visit the Divinity Hot Dog Cart and pick from seven different styles of dogs. I had the fully loaded one, of course.

In between snacks, be sure to stop at Sojourner’s Seven Wonders of SL World Photo Gallery. Enjoy JoshBear Sojourner’s slides of the Star Trek Museum, International Space Flight Museum, Lost Gardens of Apollo, Straylight Gardens, Luskwood, Svarga, and more. In addition to great photos, he landmarked each site. Just click and take so you can visit them later at your leisure.

The gardens on Cake rival the sweets. There are flowers in every color, size and shape imaginable. Or check out Rose’s Sweet Shop at SL7B: Cake SW, SL7B Marvelous (231, 256, 21) which combines the two. I sampled a chocolate cupcake there, served up by—you guessed it-- Philip Linden again. He and the Cake crew have certainly been busy!

Grey Lupindo

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