Thursday, June 10, 2010

SL Poetry - Endings of Chapters of Our Lives

my eyes traverse the landscape
I am stunned by what I see
the house stands empty
the land is barren
save for an empty flower bed
it is a lonely feeling

as I stand here taking it all in
I can only wonder ...
three years of accumulation
of stuff ....
vanished in the blink of an eye
I can only wonder at the rationale
what does it mean?

is it a sign?
perhaps from heaven above
is it a time to purge and rebuild?

another misfortune
in what seems like a
long history
the enormity of it all
seems tragic

Ending of two eras in less than two weeks
turtles have died
bunnies vanished in some
twisted SL plot
people not talking to me
others just angry with me

and I am so sad ....

but I know
that this too shall pass
and one day I
will laugh

(ya think?)

By Shellie Sands

1 comment:

  1. My friend Effulgent Brown just got so busy RL...her older PC just got so full and one day she decided to leave this world of ours.
    That was likely early 2009...when she returned in world many months later, she told me that on that day, as she hit "abandon" on her land and logged out, she said, "Oh my god, what have I just done."
    I think I want to be really sure.