Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reader Submitted: Letter to M Linden

Hiya M!

Thank you for being VERY responsive to my prior missives!

Topic: Viewer 2... I love Viewer 2... it's a great user interface. I am in the 3% minority. Duh?

Right to Speak: I wrote and taught over 100 classes about SL, about 2000 of your core peeps. The root question always "How to find fun?" and "How to make the funsters come to my gig?" Truism: The teacher always learns the most.

I am sorry you're losing viewership. You can stop the bleeding.

The key is SEARCH. Viewer 1.x finds 20-30 live music events each hour. Viewer 2 finds 3 to 5. Duh? If Google ain't delivering dump them!

Bring back the real search, and real SL fun! IMHO.

Cheers! Peace! Love! and Happiness! Forever!

P.S. My friends asked me to write you. I care. And IMHO, SL rules as a form of entertainment, completely crushes movies, videos, CDs, MP3s, etc. It's all about people and fun and world peace - WOOT!

any1 Gynoid

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