Monday, June 21, 2010

SL7B - The Fun Begins!

Get ready for the SL7B! In spite of the layoffs and changes , it is again time to celebrate the wonderful creators and designers of second life and exhibits that they place in the SL7B SIMS! These people are the backbone of the SL life here. You will have 21 regions to roam and be enchanted.

The names of the regions tell it all: Uncanny, Paradox, Fantastic, Marvelous, Absurdity, and Contradiction to name a few. Search on your map and you will see a list of all the sims you can visit. The regions will remain open until July 3, so you can pick and choose how to get to all those regions. The theme itself is a clue to the amazement you will have: “Unexpected Collaborations.”

I took a peek at some of the exhibits and saw how varied they are in concept and execution. You will also find gifts waiting for you at some of the exhibits. One I stopped at is a huge outdoor grill with breakfast cooking for you.

Make sure you plan time this week to experience it all! Many parties are planned with SL musicians and DJs spinning for your enjoyment. You can visit this page to check the activities: SL7 Events - .

Gemma Cleanslate

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