Monday, June 21, 2010

SL7B Preview

The SL7B sims were given a short preview to the press, and a number came over for a brief time to see what the place had in store. Not far from the entrance was a wall of various people who had a place here. Which included the following:

Virtual Bosophrous: SL7B Visionary (89, 148, 21)
Burning Life: SL7B Contrary (10, 88,22)
RFL: SL7B Enigma (221, 152, 21)
Tiatopia Island: SL7B Phenomenal ( 194, 58, 21)
Ragland Shire: Contradiction (180, 37, 21)
Unexpected Childhood: Visionary (205, 184, 21)
ALS: SL7B Miraculous (218, 180, 21)
SecondAbility Mentor: SL7B Sideways (162, 176, 21)
Bear Island: SL7B Bear Island (129, 164, 21)
Virtual Stomach Museum: Sl7B Miraculous (92, 202, 22)
Isle of Wyrms: SL7B Phenomenal (165, 220, 21)

This is just a small sample of what was available. So all residents are invited to come over an enjoy the exhibits representing a wide range of what Second Life has to offer in this week long celebration of it’s birthday.

The event officially starts at 10 AM when the gates open with a speech by Philip Linden at the Main Stage. The events go on until Midnight Sunday June 27th. The sims will remain up for several days afterward, and will be taken down July 3rd or after.

Bixyl Shuftan

Machinima made by Toxic Meneges.

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