Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going Home - Greenies Home Rezzable to Close

The Greenies are leaving!!! One of the most amazing and fun places in sl is moving on. Here is the notice they sent out.

It's a sad day for SL and a sad day for all Greenie fans. The sim closes its doors June 23. :( We're gonna celebrate the Greenies Thursday - Sunday with Live performer, DJs, and many freebies. Join us for the last fun on a gigantic scale. Any performers who wanna join us .. you are sincerely invited to participate.. Angelina Rhode is the one who makes the schedule. ^^ See ya and please use the last week to explore each single corner of the sim.

I looked at the Rezzable Blog which was more poignant about the departure. But they are looking forward to having the home on their grid. How sad for us in SLthough. I have had so much enjoyment there exploring. The first view of the home causes your jaw to drop open. It is a massive home of some humans (never to be seen) who have greenies living in every crevice.

They are very mischievous alien critters. You will chuckle as you roam the floor or take a craft and fly around as the aliens do. I found a group zooming around when I visited tonight. I have fished in the kitchen sink there to win a greenie avatar. I have four of them. The store has so many . I was tempted to buy another but fought it off.

The next weekend looks like fun. You can still make a visit there until June 23. I know all those who have been there will want to take one more look. For those who have not, don’t delay a visit! - Greenies Home Rezzable (80,138,41)

Just to be sure the Greenies were at their new home safely, I got myself a Rezzable avatar and logged into the Rezzable grid and there they were!!!

Gemma Cleanslate


  1. It is sad, I liked that place. For the comic factor, I'd often go about in the mouse avie, or the green Wingless fox.

    I have a feeling recent decisions by LL may have something to do with their closing.

    As for Opensim, I have a mac, can't get there.

  2. @bixly- OpenSim runs great on Mac! (well, as great as OpenSim can, anyway...) You can get an easy Mac launcher for the Rezzable Grid at

    gemma, lovely post :)