Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 30%

Last week, Second Life Newser reported on the appearance of a memorial set up in the honor of those Lindens whose jobs were terminated in M Linden's "Restructuring." A few days later, our reporter Gemma Cleanslate went to the place, and found people were still visiting there to pay their respects.

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  1. Yes..I went this morning and it was gone...maybe thats best.
    Many of those that lost their jobs were those just doing what they were told.
    Some were doing "What they were told", but they had a misplaced sense of what Secondlife is about.
    I guess there, I think of T. Linden, he that didn't see a secondlife culture.
    He was told (guessing) to bring a viewer to fruition that will be easy to use, help keep new residents, allow HTML on a prim, and eventually bring SL into a 3D chat room.
    Linden Lab created a platform...that's all.
    We residents created Secondlife, and sadly so many of those Lindens that did understand this culture are now gone.

  2. Brinda: Amen! SL would still be only 12 sims if not for the customers who came in thinking that they could be as wild and free as they wished, and start businesses to make money. It is that wild west sense of freedom that so many lack in RL and are willing to pay money to get that draws people in. And it's being able to engage in free enterprise and communities that keeps us here. If M wanted to be in charge of a B2B company, then he should have hired onto one instead of coming onboard LL.