Friday, June 25, 2010

M&M Creations:

Second Life Newser talked with 10 Goosson of M&M Creations about what has been happening at her store: M&M Creations. “M&M Creations just keeps steady and growing,” 10 explained, “There's a lot to tell. ... I’ll make it a short list.”

* The scenery screens have been deleted. After three years of selling those, the interest and needs were gone.

* Part of the main mall has been taken by the tree shop with all trees repacked with a temporary rez. So click, see and buy, or leave. Easy and much better than walking over the entire island and not being able to find what you are looking for.

* The flowershop, same story. The flowers have all been repacked, and some new shapes (sepals) have been added, with temporary rez as well. I dusted all flowers this way and was surprised about what I've created last three years.

* The landscaping shop has had a small transformation as well. It's filled, again a fast and easy way to see all builds rezzed, by using the good TP-system to visit the object you want to see.

* Marcthur is still releasing the Antique builder-packs. Those seem to be very popular.

* M&M Fashion will get more time and attention. Full Permission outfits with all materials used are very new in Second Life. Especially because all creators are so anxious about their goods being copied or stolen. We ignore the fear and keep making new things Full Permission to help designers of any level with good stuff to create great objects/outfits.

* It was time to create a new Tutorial: Fit & Wear Fashion Sculpts. A lot of questions about it and it isn't easy. So this tutorial is almost finished.

* In the line of this new tutorial, I will give the other three (and the new one of course) in-world and will schedule these. There has been a long running event in June: Tutorials. So, classes, classes and classes (this time on our islands platform with the possibility to rez, all people who will participate, can build right at the spot)

* I changed the island that much, only a few parts are now recognizable as they were.

- The fairyland has more wetland and has a huge cave with colorful scenes, all fantasy-flowers, fairy-like landscaping items, etc., are rezzed. I'm still amazed I built this all myself and I wonder around at midnight. The stage is wide and open next to the seaside with some quiet, hidden, corners to relax.

- We embraced Annika Designs with her low-prim builds (caves, waterfalls, etc.) so she has a place to rez a few of her great builds.

* Marc is also renewing the oldies. The cherubs have lighting shades and a very special copper texture. They really do look amazing.

* New fashion sculpts are made of course. Some of those oldies are renewed, because they needed the newest skills of the creator (smile).

10's 4rth Tutorial was released in the beginning of June, like all the others, free of charge. They have also been taking part in the gridwide Madpea Hunt.

Always improving, always striving to do better, M&M continues to offer shoppers high quality sculpted outdoor products. And 10 Goosson is still personally helping those new to building to become better at it.

M&M is at the Double MM sim: Click Here for the SLURL.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. great to see your vision on our place Bixyl. It is like borrowing someone elses eyes... I like yours, might be because yours are fox-eyes.
    Much love !! 10