Monday, July 12, 2010

Live in Sunweaver Islands: A Bargin Home in Second Life

Finding a place to live in Second Life for an affordable price can be a challenge. Sign up for Premium Membership to get a “free” Linden home, one will be paying $9.95 US dollars a month. One can rent land, allowing one to stay a free resident and skip the fee, but the prices for rental land and homes can be high, a thousand Lindens a week or more.

How about a place in Second Life where you pay not a thousand Lindens per week, but per month?

At the Sunweaver Islands, 1000L will get you for four weeks, a rate of 250L a week, a 512 square meter plot, 16m x 32m in size, with a 117 prim limit. One can rent as many lots as are available, and the staff will join them into a larger lot if possible, so one can build the house of one’s dreams.

The Sunweaver Islands have both public islands and private islands available:

Public Islands allow one the Flexibility of having either a house, store or both. As the name suggests, they are fully open to the public.

Private Islands allow one greater privacy, but are restricted to residents of Sunweaver Islands only. One is allowed to build stuff for sale, but no selling is allowed here. Control over who gets on the islands and behavior is enforced.

For more information on rental space in the Sunweaver Islands, please contact one of the rental managers: Nydia Tungsten, Wensleydale Dinkins, Shockwave Yareach, and Rita Mariner.

Also ask what move-in specials are available. As of now, the first month is half-off the normal price for new renters. In addition, thirteen lots have recently become available for rent in the public Sunweaver Air sim, twelve in one single lot, “So if you are interested, or know someone who is, now is the time to come shopping. This much land doesn’t open up often, especially all in one nice big place.”

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