Thursday, December 12, 2019

Announcement: December B.A.D. Build Contest

Hey kids!  This Friday the next B.A.D. contest will begin. The theme is, "Christmas Selfies". Your build must include a photo or cutout or figure (3D figure) of yourself. Anything with your face on it that you include in your build. I think this will be fun and full of interesting possibilities!

The build phase of the contest will run from Friday, Dec. 13 thru Friday, Dec. 20. There will be both popular voting and judged voting for this one. The prim allowance is set at 200 but Avi said that is subject to change and more prims might be allowed, depending on how many are available. Below are the rules and the LM to the platform. You can rez one prim on a spot now if you like to hold that place. You can begin building Friday morning at 6 SL time. Hope to see you there! Happy Holidays!

Prim allowance is 200 prims (possibly more later). You MUST build everything yourself. I will be checking each build to make sure the entire thing has your name as creator on it. You are allowed to use mesh and sculpt maps. You are also allowed to use a few things you already made and have in your inventory but the main part of your build should be created during the contest dates. I know it can be costly and really time consuming to create mesh items plus, if you are like me you hate having to recreate something you already have ten copies of in your inventory that you made before!  So I decided to allow builders to use a few items they created previously.

At the end of the contest I will put up a voting board which will stay up for one day and I will send out several notices to encourage people to come see the builds and vote. There will also be judged voting.

Sound files are ok as long as they aren't looped or excessively loud. I prefer you use the kind that are activated when an avi steps on or near the prim with the sound in it.

Particles are ok but please make sure they stay within the boundaries of your build spot.

In the middle of the platform I put out a FREE box. It contains a texture board and a sculpt map board. Help yourself to that! There is also a LM giver to Sanna Science and Art. She has lots of cool stuff you can get to create your own animated textures.

You can work in teams of two if you like. If you should win then I leave it to you to divide the Lindens with your build partner.

The main thing I always stress and re-stress is to make sure everything in your build was created by you!  I HATE having to disqualify anyone and this is the #1 reason why people have been DQ'd in the past.

Last rule - have fun!  That's what this is all about, after all. IM me if you have any questions or need help with anything.

Luna (LunaEnigma Resident)

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