Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Whatever Happened to Linden Lab's Blocksworld?


Checking the Linden Lab website today, one will find Second Life and Tilia. But there's no sign of another product of theirs: Blocksworld. It made some news in 2013 when Linden Lab under Rod Humble bought the "mix of Lego and Minecraft" which was aimed at younger users on tablets. In a few months, it got some attention as it was doing very well. Since then, it mostly dropped out of sight, quietly remaining on Linden Lab's list of products as all others bought or developed by the Lab under Humble were sold or closed. But check today on Linden Lab's website, and one will notice it's no longer there. As it turns out, Linden Lab had closed it down in June 2020 with no announcement. So what happened to Blocksworld over time that got the Lab to pull the plug?

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