Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Announcement: "Feed A Smile" Event With Çağ University

Charity Concert and Exhibition in
The Lavender Field for "Feed A Smile"
With our event, we'll be helping those children by creating a small library for them, we plan to do an event that includes multiple concerts by loved musicians like Fly Kugin (flyqueeen) and ᴍʀ ʙıʟᴇʀ™ (erol.biler) , an exhibition and a puzzle! The first three people who will make the highest number of donations will win special prices such as an INFINITY HOUSE, QUEEN II YACHT and a PJ A4 YACHT!
Our event will take a place in the Feed a Smile's Lavender Field. It will be on 14th of January at 12pm in SL Time. Here's the link to the Lavender Field if you want to check it out!
As Çağ University we are honoured to work with Feed A Smile. We'd very much appreciate it if you could join us and help the others in need!

Best wishes & Kind regards,


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